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What We Believe

Promoting Relationship, not Religion

We believe that all people are God’s chosen people. We believe in a God who loves all his children exactly as he made them, whether gay, straight, divorced, married, Catholic, Buddhist, or atheist. All are welcome here.

We believe in a God who is present in real life, not just in Biblical pages. A boots-on-the-ground Lord who walks beside us, guides us, and lifts us up when we are hurting. There is nowhere you can go where God’s love can’t find you.

We believe in a God who is bigger than our doubts. A God who values the human power of discernment. A God who is not afraid of tough questions but holds us close as we struggle to fully know him. Your questions are valid here.

We believe in a God who meets us where we are, whether we are in church or an AA meeting. Every place you are is holy to God.

We believe in a God who exists beyond political lines. A God who is not “Conservative” or “Liberal” but RADICAL in love, grace, and mercy. God’s love restores us to who we were born to be.

We believe in a God who wants better things for us than striving and surviving. A God bigger than cancel culture. A God bigger than shame and failure. He created us for a greater purpose than the lives we are living.

We believe in a God who speaks over our lives every day, and that we can become wiser, stronger, and more fulfilled if we actively listen for his/her voice. Everyone can form a deeper relationship with the God of their understanding.

Heaven House
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