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Past Lives for Today’s Healing

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Similar to the way that prophetic healing helps one see and understand the beautiful way God views them, learning about one’s past lives can also provide important insights into one’s strengths and God-given gifts.

Heaven House founder Jess [Stonefield] Madison originally developed this intuitive process for gaining insight into one’s past lives as a means to help heal her son, who is living with anxiety, stress, and anger associated with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. By connecting with her son’s past lives, and sharing the skills God gifted her son and the obstacles he overcame in those experiences, she saw a marked shift in her son’s behavior. He became an overcomer. She realized it was a gift that all of us, especially those of us struggling in life, could benefit from.

How a Past Life Report Works

Jess Madison will schedule a call to discuss your current life circumstances and why you’re interested in having a past life report/past life reading for healing. From there, she’ll do an intuitive meditation to connect with your past lives and then compile your personal past life report on what she was able to “hear” about your soul experiences. The report will also include her understandings of how those soul experiences fit in with your current journey.

Is It OK to Order a Past Life Report for Another Person?

Yes, intercessionary past life reports are available. Jess will still need to meet by phone to discuss the person’s needs and issues.

Who Is The Past Life Report Experience Ideal for?

  • Survivors of addiction and abuse
  • Those in a rut or struggling to find their purpose
  • Children living with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Anyone interested in learning more about their past lives!
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