We Can't Wait to Share Your Spiritual Journey in Prophetic Healing

Introduction to Prophetic Ministry

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This course is a foundational pre-requisite to a number of other Heaven House classes. It’s also one of our most powerful. Introduction to Prophetic Healing focuses on our God-given ability to hear God’s word as a healing mechanism for ourselves and others through the gift of (wait for it …) prophecy. This world was created through the word of God. Clearly, God’s words have power! When we prophesy, we help to activate one’s God-given identity and help them grow closer to God. In this course, we’ll discuss the main tenets of prophetic healing, including the biblical basis for prophesy and how it differs from other forms of supernatural mediumship. We’ll learn how to prepare ourselves to receive God’s word; how to recognize God’s word when we hear it (this is a biggie); and how to share the prophetic words we receive with others. Come prepared knowing your prayer life and relationship with God will never be the same.  
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