Jess [Stonefield] Madison

Founder, Heaven House

Jess Madison is founder of Heaven House School of Revelation and Healing in Los Angeles and Wonder Valley. She has been on her own spiritual journey for nearly 20 years and launched Heaven House to help others connect to the God of their own understanding in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Jess’ classes are a mix of supernatural healing, New Thought philosophies, and Christian teachings. She believes that all people—gay, straight, Buddhist, atheist, tattooed, addicted—are God’s people, and that he wants to live in relationship with all of them. If you have hang-ups or hurts associated with God, she wants to help you heal them.

Jess is the author of God Slays Zombies: The Bible for Today’s Broken World, as well as the creator of The Sun Honey, a site that provides daily devotions for its 10,000+ followers around the world. Her 10-acre retreat space in Wonder Valley is also available for classes and rentals.

When not helping people deep-dive into spiritual proximity, Jess is also a writer, mother of two sons, rescuer of senior dogs, and resident of Norwalk, California. You can connect with her at heavenhouse.org or jess@heavenhouse.org.

Heaven House
Los Angeles | Wonder Valley
jess@heavenhouse.org | 562-668-2555