Frequently Asked Questions

Wait—is Heaven House a school or a church? Or both?

We believe everyone can benefit from forming a close relationship with Spirit. Still, we respectfully acknowledge that many people are not comfortable with doing so in a traditional church environment. Heaven House seeks to offer classes and small groups that allow people to explore and grow their relationship with God in a space that is comfortable for them. You can call it school (or church). Whatever works for you.

When you say LGBTQ+ people are welcome at Heaven House, what do you mean?

At Heaven House, we believe that God created every single person on this earth exactly as he meant them to be. That means we honor our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters in the same way we honor all of God’s children, and we likewise believe they have a special and meaningful role to play in our community.

Is Heaven House Christian?

Not exactly. At Heaven House, we encourage you to leave “religion” at the door. Jess [Stonefield] Madison, the founder of Heaven House, is a follower of Jesus. She considers him to be her father, supporter and advocate. That said, there are many things associated with “Christianity” as a religion that don’t appeal to Jess. (In fact, many aspects of religion did not appeal to Jesus, either.) That’s why we encourage our guests and students to work toward building a closer relationship with a God they can personally connect with.  As we’ve said before: every spiritual journey is a personal one. We leave it up to our students to decide where the journey takes them.

Why does Heaven House use so much scripture?

See above. In addition to Biblical scripture, Heaven House uses texts from books like Science of Mind, which bring together spiritual concepts from many different sources. 

How is Heaven House funded?

Heaven House is funded through class fees and donations provided at its small group events. Other cause-based donations, such as those for the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, go directly toward the cause, rather than Heaven House administration.

Does the person who founded Heaven House attend church?

Yes. Actually she attends lots of them!  A self-proclaimed “sermon whore,” Jess regularly attends Saddleback Church (Lake Forest) and Vineyard Church of Anaheim and was a long-time member of Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living. She enjoys listening to steams from Mariners Church (Irvine) and the occasional sermon from Hillsong or Bethel. Why so many? Jess loves gaining new perspective about God. And while she does not endorse all of the things promoted at the churches previously noted, she is always amped to take what she’s learned and expand her own understanding of God.

What is cultural detox?

Cultural detox is the process of peeling away the things society tells us to believe about ourselves and instead connecting with the person God created us to be. It involves looking at the values we’ve “bought into” as people and discerning if those values are healthy to our spiritual being. Cultural detox is about finding yourself in a world where promoting your screen self is increasingly popular. It isn’t easy. It takes courage. But it’s worth it.

What is prophetic healing?

Similar to cultural detox, prophetic healing is about returning to the person Spirit created you to be. In connecting with God, we’re able to “hear” the identity he established for us, be it leader, advocate, entrepreneur, or activist. Our classes in prophetic healing allow students to gain this gift for themselves and also impart it to others. It’s life-changing!

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