Learn About Prophetic Healing and Form a Supernatural Relationship with Spirit

Not everyone is cut out for church, but everyone deserves to experience the love and power of Spirit. That is what prophetic healing is all about. At Heaven House, we champion a God who moves in real life. We believe every person’s journey with God is a supernatural, personal and valid one, and we are here to help you build a closer, deeper relationship with the God of your understanding. We can teach you how to pray, how to have faith, and how to get closer to him.

Our prophetic healing classes, past life meditation experiences, and other supernatural healing programs are designed for any believer, un-believer, or new-to-God follower who wants a safe space to connect with and explore God’s power. Heaven House is a place where you are safe to explore the hard questions while discovering the grace, joy, and purpose God wants for your life.

we believe in the power of prophetic healing and supernatural relationship

Core Programs

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Classes and Workshops

Interactive single and multi-day workshops designed to help you connect deeply to spirit through prayer, prophetic healing, and supernatural relationship. Learn how to connect, how to pray, and how to have faith in today's world.

Past Lives for Today's Healing

Receive a written report about your past lives to understand God's greater plan for your current soul journey.

Support Groups

Free weekly issue-specific support groups focusing on how spirit can heal wounds like addiction, body image, divorce, and over-functioning.

Cultural Detox

Learn how our current culture is robbing you of your highest spiritual self, and what you can do to change it.

Upcoming Events And

Join us for discussion and learning.

What We Believe

We believe that God’s power is both relevant and necessary for survival in the modern world.
  • We believe that all people are God’s chosen people. We believe in a God who loves all his children exactly as he made them, whether gay, straight, divorced, married, Catholic, Buddhist, or atheist. All are welcome here.
  • We believe in a God who exists beyond political lines. A God who is not “Conservative” or “Liberal” but RADICAL in love, grace, and mercy. God’s love restores us to who we were born to be.
  • We believe in a God who is present in real life, not just in Biblical pages. A boots-on-the-ground Lord who walks beside us, guides us, and lifts us up when we are hurting with an ever-present supernatural power.  There is nowhere you can go where God’s love can’t find you.
  • We believe in a God who wants better things for us than striving and surviving. A God bigger than cancel culture. A God bigger than shame and failure. He created us for a greater purpose than the lives we are living.
  • We believe in a God who is bigger than our doubts. A God who values the human power of discernment. A God who is not afraid of tough questions but holds us close as we struggle to fully know him. Your questions are valid here.
  • We believe in a God who speaks his word over our lives every day through prophetic healing and supernatural relationship. We know we can become wiser, stronger, and more fulfilled if we actively listen for it. Everyone can form a deeper relationship with the God of their own understanding.
  • We believe in a God who meets us where we are, whether we are in church or an AA meeting. Every place you are is holy to God.

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Learn About Our Space

In addition to holding classes in Los Angeles, the owners of Heaven House hold 10 acres of restorative and spiritual land in Wonder Valley. Certain classes will be held here, and the space is also available for rent for weddings or other healing events.

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